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JR ExceL K2 Beginners

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Jr Excel k2 fall dates & times announced!


There is one guiding principle:

If you want your young player to develop a love for basketball, he or she must first develop a passion for the game. To do that, he or she must enjoy the game and see basketball, particularly at a young age, as an activity that comes with a smile. That's where it all starts – nothing more than an activity where the beginning child can bounce the ball a few times and maybe shoot the ball into a basket.

That's how the basketball seed is planted. Once it begins to sprout, it can continue to blossom for years to come, with your care and nurturing, of course. As a parent of a young basketball player, it's your job to foster a positive environment for your child – and that takes discipline on your part.

K2 Sessions

Jr Excel K2 Beginners

fall 2024

Season Begins October 7th (8 Sessions)

Monday 5:00p - 6:00 / Ecole des Pionniers
Tuesday 6:00p - 7:00p / Rochester Elementary
Friday 5:00p - 6:00p / Ecole des Pionniers

$180 + processing fees / 8 sessions, includes ball and jersey

Contact to register from multiple sessions

Jr Excel K2 Beginners

winter 2025


$180 + processing fees / 8 weeks
Includes ball & shirt


Jr Excel K2 Beginners
April 04 - June 06

Spring 2025


$180 + processing fees / 8 weeks
Includes ball & shirt


An Outstanding Experience

Our daughter has had an outstanding experience with Excel this past year. In one season with the club, her fundamentals have strengthened at an impressive rate.  She is developing confidence, leadership skills & a strong work ethic for the game.

The girls have become a close knit team & leave practices with big smiles. We recommend the club to anyone serious about their game.

Cindy Krenn & Rob Mean