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Shutdown Showdown

Shutdown Showdown

NBA 2K Online Tournament Signup

While we all need to stay safe, that doesn't mean we can't have some fun playing basketball together! Starting Wednesday, Mar 25th we will be hosting a weekly online NBA2K Tournament for Excel players and family. Enter today to join the fun!
Prizes: 1st place $50, 2nd place $25, 3rd place $10 (gift card for either Playstation or Xbox store)

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Tournament Rules

  • This is an online tournament. You will need a broadband connection. Due to social distancing we ask that every player play from their own house.
  • Eligibility: You or a member of your family must be currently enrolled in an Excel Basketball program or team. Each player may only maintain one spot per tournament.
  • Game: Please select the latest version of NBA 2K you have. In cases where not enough players match up on version or platform we will do our best to complete a bracket.
  • Series: Tournament games will be a best of three series
  • Timing: Players must complete their tournament games according to the schedule set by Excel Commisioner
  • Tournament Type: Double Elimination
  • Game Mode: Versus
  • Teams: Only current NBA teams are allowed. Retro, Fantasy and/or All-Star Teams are prohibited. You are permitted to change teams during the tournament. You can also change your plays and coaches settings during the tournament. If two competing players want to play with the same team, then this is allowed.
  • Quarter Length: 5 minutes
  • Settings: All Settings and Camera Views are DEFAULT. Skill level is HALL OF FAME. MANUAL OR AUTOMATIC Substitutions, Time Outs, and Late Game Fouling are allowed but must be preset before the start of the game. No manual substitution via START button. Substitutions are only allowed in-game via D-Pad and during called Time Outs.
  • We understand that trash talking comes naturally with this game, but let’s make sure we keep it within respectful bounds.
  • Disputes: any disagreements or challenges will be decided by tournament commissioner
  • Play Hard! Have Fun!